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H715-M W.C.


Wow! what an awesome holster! i carry my Walther PPS in this holster almost daily, and it is so comfortable, i literally forget i have it on. i have tried other, more expensive holsters, but i keep on coming back to this one. for the price, it simply can not be beat. i gave it a 4 star though instead of 5, because i am not crazy about the way the metal clip is attached to the holster. the clip that came in this holster would not stay in the holster, so i had to take the metal clip from my magazine holder and install on the holster to get it to stay. apparently the little tabs that are supposed to stick into the leather and hold the tab still had flattened out on the first clip, allowing the holster to just slide right off the clip. now other than just me being a little leary it will happen again, i dont have any issues with it. other than that, this is a 5 star piece! the leather work is first class, and the fit is absolutely amazing!!
Date Added: 12/03/2009 by Joe S.