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H715-M W.C.


This is a very well made piece o leather. My pistol rides nicely strong-side, just in front of my hip. It's not bad for behind the hip carry either, but does'nt conceal quite as well. Cross draw is another option, but again does'nt conceal as well. My Couger is a 15 rnd. med. frame pistol, and not the most petite of firearms, but is held well by this holster, without too much shift in position. I would prefer an F.B.I. cant, but you can just tilt the rig and it stays in place reasonably well. You will need a solid belt and an extra pant size to accomadate a medium frame or larger pistol. All in all; well worth the price of admission and I will by another Hume holster in the future..
Date Added: 01/21/2010 by robert mitchell