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I have been in law enforcement and corrections since 1979. In 1981, I purchased an underbelt andB100 Sam Browne from Don Hume. Over time of course I changed waist sizes way more than I wanted to admit. During the last 6 months due both to a prolonged illness and hospitalization and then strictly following a healthy balanced diet, I have lost from 271 lbs to 196 and gone from a size 48 trouser to a current size 38. Last night I tried on my good old Sam Browne size 36 and it fit (on the largest hole for now but lots of room to loose more). I said all that to say that I am wearing a Don Hume duty belt that is a belt that is over 35 years old and has not been used in probably 25 - 30 years ( the last time it fit). I am not only proud of my accomplishment in getting into my old duty belt (it kind of feels like a 60 year old man getting into his old army uniform), but I am also proud to say that so long ago I bought a quality product from Don Hume that like me is still ticking on fighting crime. But unlike it's owner, It is supple as the day I took it off, still has it's color, and is with out wrinkle or crack after all of those years in storage. Like most of us in law enforcement, I have worn the nylon belts and and gear and while lighter, they never lasted 35 years, they were throw away products that became frayed and worn out. If you ask me nothing now or then can beat a good quality leather duty belt for strength, comfort, and lasting usefulness. Don Hume is one of those products.
Date Added: 09/09/2016 by Clark Goheen