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[IWB Strike]


The Strike holster is the best iwb holster that I have seen, and I have searched a great deal; it has a 1 1/2" belt loop that is a reversed J hook, i.e. it is a clip on; Don Hume should have mentioned this because it is the best design that I have seen; the iwb pressure presses the J hook inward against the kydex arm, making it a full belt loop; again, it is a J hook that looks like a belt loop and can be worn with pajama bottoms which do not have belt loops. When it is worn without belt loops the J hook is an inward smooth hook that grabs your clothing and does not dig into your hip because there is the kydex arm for the tuckable feature guarding it. That is, when there is a belt the inward J hook goes under the belt and touches the kydex arm forming a belt loop; when there are not any belt loops the J hook can not go under a belt persay but rather the clothing is grabbed between the J hook and the kydex arm. The leather on the snap acts as a sweat shield and it is just narrow enough so that my thumb can grab the gun correctly the first time; the height of the clip is perfect, it is positioned so that my fingers fit just between my pant and the stock; again, I can get a perfect first time grip with this holster. I purchased this for my Glock 26 and the fit is perfect; this is a five star holster, this is a perfect holster.
Date Added: 03/08/2013 by Brian Smith