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H715-M W.C.


I recently retired after 38 years in Law Enforcement, the last 16 as a Narcotic's officer. For at least the last 10 years on the job I carried Glock 27 in a Don Hume in a H715 holster, the same holster which I still have. Minus a little cosmetic wear is still going strong. I have a second one which is about 5 years old I carried a Sig 45 in. I'm getting ready to order a third for another model Sig I now carry as a retired officer. I can tell you as someone who wore the holster 8-10 hrs a day 7 days a week it was the best investment I've made. I've sold alot of others on it also, beats those suade holsters all to hell.
Date Added: 02/01/2011 by Ralph Cook