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H715-M W.C.


Recently Purchased this holster (left Hand brown) for concealed carry of my Millenium Pro PT111 in 9mm. Excellent quality and craftsmanship as expected from Don Hume. At first the pistol was an extremely tight fit in this holster. Front sight and safety were actually scraping and cutting grooves on the inside of the leather. Used a very small amount of Galco Draw EZ lubricant to inside of holster (applied with fingers and it only takes a very small amount), waited ten minutes for lubricant to dry and began working pistol in and out of holster. After only a few minutes holster loosened up gradually and now provides an excellent and secure fit along with an easy draw and re-holster. This is an excellent concealed holster for the money, was a very tight fit at first but easily remedied. Conceals easily and rides high and tight to body. Thank you Don Hume.
Date Added: 04/19/2011 by Dennis Shaffer