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[JIT Slide]


Excellent leather holster for concealed carry of small(er) semiauto pistols. Baretta Nano fits this holster like a custom fit. Tension is enough to keep the Nano in place for most day-to-day activities while allowing you to draw easily. When holstered, the barel of the Nano is approximately flush with the end of the holster. The holster properly guards the trigger. When worn, the Nano is kept close to one's body significantly limiting the footprint of the pistol. If you do not want an IWB holster for the Nano, but want a holster that is well made, looks great, has a black and brown color option, has good tension when holstered, keeps the weapon close to body, and will not scratch the finish of the Nano, strongly consider the JIT Slide. Highly recommend that Don Hume adds the Baretta Nano as one of the pistols for this holster.
Date Added: 03/29/2012 by Ernest Kopecky