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I want to thank you for making such an excellent holster. I was on my midtour leave when I ordered the M721 holster from your company because you were recommended from a friend. I wanted an American made leather holster so I could carry my M-9 when I was in the wire. The tactical thigh holster is good for missions but it blocks 3 pockets on the uniforms. The local vendors had cheap leather holsters, they looked nice but didn't hold up. I am on my second tour and it has been great to wear on duty again. I pulled it out when we were issued our weapons and everyone on my team wanted to know where I got it. I told them it would be to their advantage to get a holster for the FOB. Some have gotten holsters and some are waiting to see what the vendors have. I told them they would not get a great product of this workmanship there but they are concerned with price. They want a $5 holster to hold up I guess. I know I will not have any promlems with mine this tour or after. Thank you again for making an excellent holster
Date Added: 03/27/2009 by Richard Hatt