This is an excellent IWB holster. I have worn this holster on and off duty for many years.

The PCCH conceals easily and the belt loops allow for very easy on and off with the gun holstered. The PCCH also retains the gun during pretty aggressive activity.

Unlike Belt holsters the PCCH positioned behind the strong side hip will disappear under a pair of shorts and a comfortably fitting t-shirt (You don't have to go all baggy to hide your gun with this holster)

I am on my second PCCH in 10 years old and I can still re-holster my gun without a second hand to hold the holster open.

I carried every day for the last 20 years for work. In the hotter weather this was my go to holster for plain clothes work.

I still carry today, but I usually opt for the smaller Glock 19 or 26 and I usually carry in a PCCH holster.

I would give it 5 stars, except it tends to be a little top heavy with shorter barreled pistols.

Jason Pierce, 07/11/2012
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